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13 Responses to Reviews

  1. Sandy Watson says:

    Amazing Treasures to be found here!!!! Billy the store manager offered great customer service and a incredible value. My dad and I stopped by looking for granite and marble remanates and boy did we hit the jackpot. We found a very rare piece of blue karinwe granite that is only mined in Zambia Africa. The piece was too small to do the entire bar, but we decided to surround it with white marble. Come to find out it is an extremely rare stone that would have cost over $200 a square foot. We also purchase enough marble slabs to not only complete the bar, but to do two bathrooms on our 60 foot Hatteras boat. Our 1973 Hatteras, that we live on, has rare Africian teak walls that you cannot purchase any longer since it is an endangered wood. We thought it ironic that the marble also came from Africa. Also, the cushions in the Aft Saloon where the bar is located is the exact color of the marble. We are super excited to finish up these projects. The organization of this restore is incredible. My parents and I have been to all of them in our surrounding area as we completed my last project of a 6 bedroom 4.5 bath house.

  2. Irene Thatcher says:

    We love that place. We are disabled and live on a small amount each month. So we have to watch what we spend. I have saved so much there. I am now saving up for some flooring, something that is hard wood or looks like wood flooring. I have someone that will install it for us but we have to have the flooring. I found some at the Cincinnati store but not enough. I am praying that they get what we need and soon. Both of these stores have friendly employees that are willing to help out. Thank you for all your help.

  3. Michael Durham says:

    I recently purchased 8 truckloads of bulk hardwood flooring from the Tremont Street Re-Use Center in Cincinnati. I have to say that until I got all the loads home , separated and stacked ,I didn’t realize how hard Scott had worked to help me get the material that I needed, he went out of his way to accommodate me with patience and a friendly attitude that made the transaction go smoothly from start to finish. Everyone at the center was friendly and helpful and you can’t always say that about the “Big Box” stores. The workers were even helpful to each other with operating the forklifts,elevators,equipment etc. Scott, Billy, Terrance, Tim and all the other staff whose names I didn’t get but interacted with were professional, friendly, respectful and helpful. Thank you and I’d do business with you again in a heartbeat! M. Durham

  4. Bob Roach says:

    As a small independent contractor I use them frequently!! Not only for supplies on construction materials but also as a contributor towards their mission. Many high end clients change decor leaving good quality materials out for waste. I offer clients a tax donation receipt after delivering products to the Re-Use Center, while I review my upcoming project material list, killing two birds with one stone. It is a logical and ethical no brainer, where everyone wins, and I feel good about that!!

  5. Pat Williams says:

    The Covington store has a great manager who totally knows his inventory and how to treat his customers. He makes you want to come back for more! Go ReUse Centers!!

  6. Pat says:

    Jim is the best. He is always in a great mood and is willing to help you find anything that you may need. The prices are great too! I have re furbished several rental homes with products at drastically reduced prices from the big box stores. Thank you!!

  7. Bob says:

    I recently purchased windows for a large building addition to my home. They were brand new and I only paid a fraction of the cost they would have cost elsewhere. The Manager, Jim, in Cincinnati was an absolute pleasure to work with. My builder was so impressed, he is now going there for building supplies.

  8. Tanya says:

    If you have an older home, you really need to check this place out! They have odd sized doors, vintage sinks, and items that are hard to find in the traditional “box” stores.
    I have bought kitchen cabinets, tile, paint, a door, and even an antique bedroom set!
    Everyone is so helpful!

    You are truly an asset to our neighborhood in Covington.

  9. Jessica says:

    I recently purchased some porcelain tiles to put down on my kitchen floor, and even though they’re “thirds”, only 10% of the tiles I got had some kind of visible defects- the rest, I couldn’t even tell what was wrong! I was very thrilled to have scored a fantastic deal, since this kind of tile apparently sells for $8 a piece! THANK YOU!

  10. Alice says:

    They carry the best paint I’ve ever used. Typically I use a brand like Behr Premium, Porter or Bejamin Moore or Glidden. My preference is for premium paints because of better coverage, etc. Recently, I tried the ReUse Center brand of paint. The paint was thick and had excellent coverage. It even covered better than the Glidden paint that had the primer included. Several days after painting I had a water leak. The paint held up and I was able to wash the wall with no problems.

    I’m going back to purchase more for my other rooms.

  11. Jen says:

    I love the carpet squares I recently got from you guys. We put them in our basement so the kids could have a giant playroom. My husband installed them in no time, and we were both surprised how easy they were. The kids love it down there now- no more cold, hard concrete floor. We bought a few extra in case the kids spill something on the carpet; just remove the stained square and put down a new one! We have recommended them to friends, as the price is unbeatable. Thanks again!

  12. Jackie says:

    Thanks soooo much!!! I am so appreciative. I love your stores and have made some excellent buys! It’s a wonderful thing you do. I absolutely love the gas range I bought in Covington plus you gave me some fantastic deals on cabinets in Cincy. I’m not finished so you’ll see me again! I am working on less than a shoe string budget since I became unemployed 3 years ago so the savings I’ve made were a Godsend when I needed it most. I love the good you do in the community on all levels.

    Old houses need resources for antique architecture and you guys are the place to go. I’ve turned quite a few people on to your businesses. I’ve always received professional and respectful treatment at both stores. It’s a joy to find friendly and helpful people you can rely on and trust.
    Keep on keepin’ on! You are a real plus to the Greater Cincy area!

  13. Christopher Sawyer says:

    The tile being carried by the reuse center is a quality tile manufacturer’s 3rds, most of which are better than the big box store’s firsts. You can hardly tell if you can at all that something is not perfect. For the price you are getting an unbelievable deal. Compare the prices from your local quality tile showroom!!

    Sawyer Tile